Tuesday, January 24, 2017

You made me stone.
Taught me to lie,
Taught me that words represent nothing,
Taught me to live with pain
You gave me everything, but you took my ground.
See me with tears in my eyes
The sky so dark, so dark;
Taught me to be stone
You threw me flowers, throwing rocks.
Made me bleed red roses
Or were they tulips?
The mark on my body will remind me
I look at her every day
And I remember
I am stone
I hope the wound stops bleeding.
Never stops
An immense abyss
Fall in the background, extinguish the light beauty distresses me
It strikes me
The walls can not hear my whispers,
Nor should they,
I cry through the corners
I could even laugh at all this.
But cold fingers in my throat remind me
I am stone
All my dirt exposed
So sordid,
Rubies sprout from my eyes
They fall like knives in my hands
A skull haunting a woman
And she laughs at me and cries

And asks ...

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